Thursday June 14 - Civic Field/Block Walk

We played a show last night. There wasn't time to make a recording, so I'm moving on to today. There is not much time, ever. I am tired. This morning we still did about a 30 minute trek down Puget to the softball fields. Belle saw a black squirrel and a lot of rabbits. Since they've been mowing and trimming back all the spring greenery, there are a LOT of good sticks down there to throw, although I feel kind of bad getting a bunch of sticks all over the nicely maintened lawns there. Belle is so happy - she leads the way to the particular field we usually go to so she can get off the leash and run. The morning is overcast and kind of calm and coolish but not cold. I see some people at the skate park, and the BMX bike track. I don't know what BMX stands for. 

This song came back to me today after not having thought of it for a few years. Neko Case covered it, but it is by Catherine Irwin. A hex is as real as the words we say and the meaning we make from it. I feel like we get changed by the words that we say, as much as we create change outside of ourselves. This song came on at work today and I jumped out of my chair. Then I asked Nora about it, and it turns out she learned it last year too, so we are adding it to the set. Saying words, saying them slow and long, saying them in a special way that makes them more than words - that is a spell, or it could be a hex. I don't want to be under the hexes of my exes anymore. I want to make them all mine.