Monday June 11, Hovander Park

LISTENING TO: I don't feel like putting my headphones on

Today it's warm and sunny. Belle came to work with me at lunch so we could go to Hovander by way of this little trail off Slater road right after work. It's a gravel trail that goes along the Skagit River, but you can't see the water because of some kind of pipeline or levy. There are also lots of blackberries, knotweed, poplar-type trees, tall grass, and whatever plant makes those cottons that fly all through the air like disco lights. The sky is really vivid, the sun is slanting through, there are a million birds all over, and I keep seeing butterflies. Belle stops to chew on grass whenever I stop to eat salmonberries. 

We take the trail towards Tennant Lake and I finally walk far enough to see how it loops back around to the barn in the park. They keep birds and rabbits and goats and sheep here for families to come and see. We walk through the geese and chickens and Belle is impressively calm as we cross the wide clovery lawn back to the trail to Slater road. We see an old man on a bike with a rainbow stripe jacket. We've been on the trail about an hour when we get back to the car. My favorite part of the walk was how the grass was taller than me where the trail opened up into a big meadow. It was doing the wave as I passed by in time, and it made me laugh out loud. 



My face still has kief all over it from making joints at work. I love all the plants all around me, even the invasive species just innocently growing wherever. I'm going to eat those blackberries in about a month. And I'm going to keep with the mellow stuff, and I'm going to come back here even though there are really not many good sticks to throw.