August 14 - You Took My Breath Away

It was a long day. I had to deal with a lot of things that are unavoidable and unpleasant, then after that I went to work. Belle has been acting weird about finishing her breakfast. She always seems disappointed when I set it down, even though she has a really fancy new elevated dog bowl stand. I think she's nervous. It's this light, it feels like the whole world is plunged in sepia tones from footage of the great fires. The whole world is burning down. 

The sun was like a grapefruit in the smoke, which is a simile I just now stole from a Dear Nora song. We went down to the softball fields kind of late today. There was an old sweaty guy in a blue tank top jogging, just chugging in that forest fire. Belle ate all the rainbow color tennis balls I bought her last week, so I just threw sticks for her. There was a guy in the dugout across the field with a shopping cart, just sitting on the bench. I saw a lot of shopping carts in the trail back to Joe Martin Field, where some baseball people were practicing or something. It's so hard to breathe. I feel like I get in a stride, and I can run miles and miles, but then the air gets all clogged and it feels like I've been defeated before I even step out the door. It is so hard to stick my neck out when I'm choking for air. 

august 14.jpg