Sunday June 24 - Bonney Lake/Civic Field

This old world keeps spinnning round. It's a wonder tall trees aren't laying down.

I woke up in Bonney Lake at my brother's family home. My mom and stepdad and all the rest of them were up in the kitchen, still in their pajamas. My neice turned one, so we were all together. Time passes differently depending on where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. Later in the morning I was speeding up I-5 and made a couple of mistakes that ended up in a lost wallet. Being without your wallet also changes the way that time passes. I feel like time is a wet paper towel, and everything that happens is a marble that you drop onto it, until the whole thing just collapses. But I love my family, I love my neices, I love my dog, I love my home, and I love eating. There are other things I love that I won't get into right now. There are things I hate. I listened to the news a little on the freeway, then I listened to music. I didn't even think of my wallet until I was an hour away. The truth is, it's totally fine that I lost it. It doesn't matter. Things just keep moving.

I walked Belle when I got home, but she was already pretty tired from being at the dog hotel. She is like an old flapjack flopped on the bed right now. I feel like I'm one cake short of a stack, but I'm gonna flop down anyway. Goodnight.