Sunday June 17, Father's Day - Sehome Hill

It's Father's Day. It's really hot outside. Belle and me went to Sehome Arboretum today, and once again we barely saw anyone else there. I know I go there a lot. I have been thinking I should go someplace new, but I love it there. I know where the thimbleberries are all going to be really soon. I saw a lot of bird feathers all over the trail today for some reason, and blowing cottons, and extra spiders. I noticed these webs that look like globes, just like a million little fibers knotted up in the air, and also I saw a full spider web that seemed to be hovering in space. That spider anchored its web up in the canopy. I was really impressed. 

The forest makes me cry a lot. I feel like I am inside of an animal's body. Everything resonates. I notice how all the rhododendron are different - one bush makes pale pink ones with almost invisible neon green freckles, the next makes giant coral ones that look like snap dragons somehow, and another makes hot pink magenta ones. I wonder, is it where they are planted or is it in their seeds? I do miss my dad. Both my parents took me on walks when I was a kid, but Dad only did it a few times when I was in high school and he had quit drinking, or at least we thought he had. He would take us to Columbia Park by the river. The nature walks in eastern Washington are nothing like here, with the whole bright green forest shimmering and mossy - it's muddy and sharp and quiet and there are stickers and thorny Russian Olives sending their sugary scent into the heat. We saw muskrats, or at least I think we did. i don't trust my memory one bit. 

This song is an old one and it always made me think of him.

june 17 report.JPG