I found out that you were a liar, and now the town where you live is on fire

This weekend it started to get really cold. Me and Belle went on walks, and even some runs, but all just here around the house and the ballfields. We see things: graffiti, deer, football practice, Orion, frost on the grass, that same woodpecker, dugout sleepers, van sleepers, shopping carts, nice looking trees. Sometimes I try to take a picture, sometimes I don’t bother. Sometimes I get a picture of me trying to get a picture, and sometimes those are my favorite ones.

fire season.jpg

This was week 9 of my songwriting group. The prompt was “what I have to do.” Last week, I thought it was the final prompt of the semester, but it turns out there are 12, not 8, so I have three more to do after this. I am glad that it isn’t over yet. I worked all day yesterday on this song, which started with a chorus and then went all over the place before ending up like this. Now that it’s done, it feels kind of remote and sad to me. Forgiveness feels like that. I didn’t want to have to forgive you for anything, and I was so super mad, but now it feels like maybe something can grow back where it all burned down.