October 14 - The diary's been busted open

I got rid of three big boxes of clothes today. It feels so good to cut down, to pare, to shave, to winnow. I want to get better at giving in and letting go. This week was week 2 of the songwriting group I’m in, and our prompt was “unconditional.” All week I was thinking about unconditional love, but this morning I woke up thinking of unconditional surrender. I finished the song in time, I’m handing it in. One more week, I’m sticking it out.



Erase history from the beginning.
We quit cause we don't feel like winning.
Got nothing to say before we go.
This surrender's unconditional.

Perfection comes in unexpexted ways
when you empty out your days.

The diary's been busted open.
Our hearts have been totally broken.
That's how we can pour all the love out - 
we got nothing and nothing to cry about.

Perfection comes in like a prayer.
It fills you up when nothing's there.

I used to keep lists of my losses
so I could recover my crosses
with everything I couldn't let go - 
I give it away.